Diary: Smoking ban is both lung- and eco-friendly

Diary believes agencies should be using their time to create great work and attract new clients, rather than indulging in self-promotion by setting up a little publicity stunt.

However, this appears not to be the case for the gang at Albion, who seem to have a bit too much spare time on their hands.

In light of the recent smoking ban, the agency's staff have been marauding around "trendy" Shoreditch, pilfering, lifting and pinching as many ashtrays as possible.

They were then handed to the creatives, who put their own spin on recycling by gluing them all together and making a set of, presumably, uncomfortable garden furniture. Diary feels they could yet prove of use to the pubs from where the ashtrays were taken, now smokers have to go outside for a fag.

However, the agency hasn't yet decided what to do with the furniture. Maybe the plan is to put the items up to flog on eBay, Albion's latest client.