Diary: Snowboarding injuries? It's a shame about Ray

Life begins at 40, the cliche claims, although the Newspaper Society's Robert Ray is pushing his luck.

Faithful Campaign readers may remember our profile of Ray, who joined the NS in December as its marketing director. In it, we dubbed the 42-year-old a Peter Pan-type figure for his love of all things "yoof", such as "mountain boarding" and "old school hip-hop".

Well, it seems the stuffy old NS has failed to knock the Nathan Barley out of Ray. Last week, while indulging in his love of snow-based pursuits, Ray had a rather nasty fall and spent Sunday night in a hospital A&E department.

Couch potatoes who have accepted middle age and its associated spread may have little sympathy for his suffering, but Ray is certainly the most daredevil thing to have come out of the NS in years.