Diary: So hot right now

A Campaign shot of the DLKW Lowe creatives Andrew Long and James Miller caused a stir at the agency recently, with the executive creative director Richard Denney accusing the young team of pulling a Zoolander-style "blue steel".

Diary: So hot right now

Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, Denney and his department set about making some ever-so-subtle changes to the picture with some help from Photoshop. See if you can spot them.

Beware social hoaxes

Last week, the directing collective Manson fooled the media with a hoax Instagram account that follows a migrant journeying from Senegal to Europe. The Huffington Post first picked up the images, unaware that it was a marketing campaign for the Getxophoto photography festival. Manson are dodging exploitation claims by saying they wanted to make people think about "their attitudes towards migrants". And they will probably get away with it – but only because the client is such a niche event. If Sainsbury’s happens upon the stunt while searching out an emotive topic for a new Christmas campaign, it should just keep looking.

X-rated agencies?

Can you tell the difference between adland and the porn industry? Turns out it’s surprisingly, erm, hard. The Toronto shop 88 Creative made a website called Agency or Porn that asks users to guess whether names belong to agencies or adult films. Titles include Heat, Vivid Candi, Bush League, Treasure Box and Heaven Spot. Correct answers elicit a woman’s breathy "Oh yeah" while wrong ones receive a gruff male "no". Diary got a good score on the quiz, but that’s not necessarily something to boast about. Try it for yourself at agencyorporn.com.

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