Diary: So where's the mayoral campaign like no other?

Now that Boris Johnson has booted him out of office, one wonders whether Ken Livingstone made the most of the advertising might at his disposal during his ill-fated bid to remain London's mayor.

While his competitors relied on footsoldiers armed with photocopied leaflets and typo-ridden doordrops, Labour's candidate seemed to have pulled a masterstroke by recruiting Fallon. But despite having the firepower of Juan Cabral in his corner, Diary struggled to feel the force of his campaign, even days ahead of the election. Where were the political gorillas, the explosions of colour or the digital campaign like no other?

In fact, where was the media agency? Diary only managed to track down one ad in the local press. It used the strapline: "Don't risk London. Vote Ken." Clearly, it wasn't quite enough to get voters charging to the ballot box.