DIARY: Soho Theatre brings a touch of drama to the GGT pitching process

A question for new-business go-getters everywhere - does this situation sound familiar?

You have very good reason to believe a certain client is losing patience with its current agency. So, naturally, you put in calls and send letters and, when the company finally reviews, your clever hunch and hard work earn you a place on the pitchlist. Champagne all round.

Alas, your management team then goes and wastes all your hard work by subjecting the client to one of the most stifled and uncharismatic presentations in the history of begging for business.

Does this keep happening to you? Are you sick to death of it? Do you sometimes wonder why you waste your talents trying to improve your agency's position, when all your bosses can do is balls things up?

Perhaps you should get your agency to follow TBWA\GGT's example and draft a little theatrical assistance.

As part of a programme devised by the Arts & Business New Partners, brand teams from the agency will be given four weeks to rehearse and produce a pitch presentation. During this time, Soho Theatre will be providing "pitch clinics", during which teams will be taught how to emote, connect with their subjects and cry real tears without ruining their stage make-up.

The project will culminate in a theatrical piece, created by the Soho Theatre practitioners Geoff Church, Richard Hahlo and Jonathan Lewis.

This will draw inspiration from their experiences of working with GGT.

Wow. A theatrical piece that's inspired by the new-business exploits of GGT, eh? Bet that'll be a absolute cracker. Sorry to say it, but we may well be washing our socks that night.