Diary: Sore losers offer advice to BBH on BA's bad brief

It has come to Diary's attention that a cheeky letter is doing the rounds of the ad industry that offers Bartle Bogle Hegarty some words of wisdom in cracking what seems to have become a tricky British Airways brief.

Following unsubstantiated, but persistent, industry rumours that BBH is not only struggling to impress the BA client, but cannot nail the brief or even get a strapline approved, a suggestion has been made by an "unknown" source that could very easily remedy the situation.

Based on the pitch brief, which was all about highlighting how the airline is the expert at customer service and holds this as its major selling-point, the suggestion was made that BBH should use the strapline: "British Airways. Serves you right."

Along with the slogan came a generous offer and another piece of friendly advice. "Please feel free to use the strapline in your upcoming advertising. Alternatively, simply stick it on the wall and stare at it for the next few months/years."

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