DIARY: Sorrell finds another forum to discuss ads

With the recession limiting his usual avenues of exposure, WPP's

group chief executive, Sir Martin Sorrell, has had to resort to other

ways to get his time in the media spotlight.

Yes, where once Sorrell (or "financial wiz", according to Wallpaper)

would be found in the high-brow business pages, now appearances in GQ

and Wallpaper are beginning to emerge. What next? Loaded? A spread in


Sorrell took the time out from making millions to pass on some words of

wisdom to Wallpaper's readers (who, if the magazine is to be believed,

are not short of the odd bob or two themselves). Among the gems he

offered were his description of his job - "I make sure that we employ

the best people in the industry" (a recipe for success, but who employs

people they believe to be second best?); what would improve his quality

of life - "more time"; and his dream job (well, his "other" dream job,

anyway). Sorrell, it seems, longs for the thwack of willow on leather -

as the English cricket captain.