Diary: Sorrell and Hornby pay homage to Fast Show

Well, well - what do we have here?

Could it be Ted and Ralph from The Fast Show discussing the drainage on the lower field? Of course not – it’s Sir Martin Sorrell and Johnny Hornby, who met for their annual cricket match at Goodwood House last Saturday. Guests turned up in 40s and 50s dress before donning the whites. Unilever’s global chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, and the James Bond screenplay writer Rob Wade were among those in attendance. Sorrell’s WPP team "beat" The & Partnership for the fourth consecutive year. Surely it couldn’t be that Hornby, as consummate a relationship-builder as you are likely to meet, is playing politics as well as cricket?

End is nigh for Kahlúa

Lucky Generals’ debut spot for Kahlúa has attracted much attention since it launched earlier this month. But it’s not the casting of Jeff Bridges or the direction by Ivan Zacharias that has grabbed the attention of some quarters. No, it’s the hidden symbolism within it that apparently predicts the second coming of Christ. Well, that’s according to the YouTube user TheGroxt1, who finds hidden messages from the spiritual realm, freemasonry and the illuminati. According to the conspiracy theorist, the Russians are coming and we are facing the end of days. May God have mercy on our souls (and thanks a bunch, Danny Brooke-Taylor). Watch the film here and make up your own mind. 

Agency Wank returns

Remember Agency Wank? It was a snarky blog that called out agencies for writing pretentious nonsense on their websites. It has been idle for about a year now – ever since the author got into a barney with one of its targets – but we know Agency Wank, whoever they may be, would have had something to say about Yes’ description of itself. The shop felt it could only accurately describe what it does by inventing a new word: communitography. Vizeum, the original wizards of wank, would be very proud.