Diary: Sorrell stands far behind Saatchis in adland's rich

If you can bear to look for long enough without turning green with envy, you may notice that amid the bankers and landed gentry of The Sunday Times Rich List, the world of advertising and media had a fair representation.

Lords Maurice and Charles Saatchi, in 274th place (£226 million), were adland's richest practitioners, with Sir Martin of Sorrell trailing in 680th place (£85 million). The Sunday Times cited "a difficult time for Sorrell's bank balance" owing to factors such as a £29 million divorce settlement.

However, it was the media owners who had the bigger wallets. Richard Desmond was the highest-scoring media fat-cat, coming in equal 22nd with his £1.9 billion fortune. And in 84th spot was Felix Dennis, whose £715 million fortune is thanks in no small part to brand extensions in the US.

Other media folk in this year's list included the owners of the Beano, the Thomsons, who came equal 187th, The Scotsman owner Freddie Johnston and family (equal 218th), the former Carlton chairman Michael Green (equal 465th) and the Time Out founder, Tony Elliott (equal 644th).

Elsewhere, the media consultant Chris Ingram fell from equal 796th last year to rank equal 955th with £60 million to his name.

There were also a few contenders in Diary's own category - "Those who made the list because of their association with rubbish advertising".

The "bootiful" poultry king Bernard Matthews, who in 191st place is risking treason by beating The Queen (192nd). Also included is Sharon Osbourne (and Ozzy) who can attribute her (oh, and his) £100 million fortune and 554th place in no small part to her arse-spanking Asda performance.