Diary: Soutar's 'inspirational' talk fails to rally troops

It appears that there is a new way to pass the time in the world of media. And that that is going to YouTube and slagging off Mike Soutar and his "dressed to impress" video.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, go to www.youtube.com and type in "Mike Soutar" and marvel at the ShortList founder's awful attempt to produce a promotional video as a poorly conceived way of inspiring and informing the distributors of his new free magazine.

Not only do commentators point out that the content is appalling, but his inability to read cue cards convincingly has angered viewers (it has been watched more than 5,000 times) so much that there have been more than 30 comments - many of which are not suitable for printing - posted about the video on the site.

And, as well as the all-round damning of the video, Soutar himself is also referred to in less-than-flattering terms by several of the video's critics.

However, we here at Diary think the stand-out comment comes from AreYouPositive, who says: "Mike, as a former employee, I will be a) invoicing you for the expenses accrued when my sides exploded pissing myself laughing at this and b) the guy who handed me my copy this morning at Blackfriars Station didn't smile, didn't say the line and wasn't wearing his hat - he just said 'new magzee shotliss' and thrust it into my hand."

Despite all of this, there is a sympathetic school of thought that believes the video is so bad that Soutar actually meant it to be seen as a spoof. The fact that ShortList is a good read adds a certain weight to these claims.