Diary: South of France is the hottest spot for MCBD five-year celebrations

You might be surprised to hear that Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy is five years old. It seems like only yesterday that the four "AMV lifers" stepped out into the sunshine and went it alone.

Unofficially known as the happiest agency in town, MCBD's founders had to think hard, and dig deep, when planning the fifth birthday party. As MCBD is at a healthy 27th in the billings league, the south of France sprung to mind. So off they went, 50-odd in number, to celebrate in five-star luxury in Saint Joint le Pin.

The pressure was on to come up with a suitable entertainment and staff were slightly nonplussed when they were told to assemble to watch the agency's reel. However, it was a reel with a twist: it showed the partners re-enacting the agency's ads over the past years.

They were treated to an Aristoc ad in which Helen Calcraft's legs ably replaced those of a model as she and Paul Briginshaw discussed why the subtitles were covering her face. Briginshaw explained that it was because her legs were useful new-business tools.

The agency's finance director was shown talking about paying staff £1,000, but saving a little bit more for himself, in a version of MCBD's spot for Business Link.

The best was saved til last, however, when Jeremy Miles was cast as Alan Whicker in the Travelocity ads. Miles was shown doing the ironing explaining in a strong Welsh accent that it's only when he talks about "ladies" that his signature Terry-Thomas tones emerge.

There was also a spoof of Have I Got News For You in which Miles and Calcraft were pitted against Briginshaw and Malcolm Duffy. The latter were the losers and as punishment had to swim four lengths of the hotel pool in only their underpants. Staff were said to be relieved that Miles was on the winning team as he's known to favour thongs.