DIARY: Spare a penny for the poor advertising folk (except the Saatchis)

Advertising - the poor person’s industry. Shock!

Advertising - the poor person’s industry. Shock!

Scanning the Sunday Times report on Britain’s top 500 rich people at the

weekend, looking to see how much our lords and Masters here at Haymarket

Publishing have made out of our blood, sweat and tears, we were struck

by the dearth of luminaries from the world of advertising.

There were media barons galore, from Viscount Rothermere with his pounds

1 billion downwards, but where, oh where, we ask, were the admen?

Try as they might, they could only come up with Charles and Maurice

Saatchi, miraculously up from last year’s pounds 80 million to pounds

165 million and joint 91st spot. However, upon closer inspection pounds

73 million of this was down to Charles’s art collection alone. There was

pounds 10 million’s worth of homes, and pounds 27 million of Maurice’s

and Josephine Hart’s share in Megalomedia. However, the estimate that

their stake in M&C Saatchi is already worth pounds 20 million is

stunning, particularly for Messrs Sinclair, Muirhead and Kershaw. It

surely depends on a lot of goodwill the five will be glad to know they


Thought for the day: Dan Wagner, the former WCRS account boy, rolls in

at joint 387th with pounds 40 million. What exactly does MAID do again,