DIARY: Spirit's creatives hide as spot-the-nun work breaks for wine client

Oh dear. We thought we'd make it through to the end of the year

without another howler of a press release, but thanks to Spirit

advertising and their recent announcements about client Blue Nun,

Christmas has come early. While it may seem churlish to return to the

scene of a former Diary crime about this quality wine product, we just

can't help ourselves on this occasion.

Yes, in its new campaign, Spirit has unveiled the fruits of its latest

labour of love - and our advice is not to hold your breath for this

witty little strapline: "Just you, me, and a bottle of Blue Nun." Hardly

groundbreaking stuff.

Spirit's release heralding the new campaign positively fizzes with

excitement at the use of the Blue Nun's "iconic status". Whoops, must

have passed us by, that one. But look carefully, viewers, and you might

spot our iconic heroine, the Blue Nun herself, nestling in the hair of

one of the models.

What a hoot! Apparently, "finding the nun allows the viewer to interact

with the communications and to sense that they too are part of a private

moment". And you thought it was just an ad - you never realised there

was such a deep meaning.

Keen to see who was responsible for this campaign, we scanned the

creative credits. Quel surprise, we find that "the creative team no

longer want to be referred to by their real names". Really?

It seems that in line with the agency's Native American logo, the

creative department has gone Native American and they've chosen new


Yes, step forward Rabbit, Piranha, Badger, Cha'veyo and - possibly the

worst - Stands with Umbrella. Still, even we can't blame the creatives

for trying innovative ways to distance themselves from this work. It's

the only way Spirit gets a mention in Campaign too.