Diary: Stainer's made to look a fuel fool after his life imitates VW's viral art

Do you remember last year's viral Volkswagen ad from DDB, which used a little girl saying the word "bollocks"? It was part of a rash of controversial viral ads for cars that helped to fill up column inches last summer. Anyway, away from the usual PR nonsense, this one was actually quite good.

As a reminder, the small girl was shown happily going about her daily life until small disasters come her way, such as finding that there is no toilet paper or dropping her ice-cream, at which point she lets rip with: "Bollocks."

Seemingly shocking stuff, but at the end of the 40-second ad it becomes apparent where she has picked up such language - from her father, who is seen accidentally putting petrol in the tank of his VW instead of diesel, causing him to exclaim: "Bollocks."

The endline was: "VW, don't forget it's a diesel."

Quite rightly the ad was a multi-award winner, so once again we are happy to doff our hats off to the DDB creative team, Dan Hubert and Amber Casey, for such a clever commercial.

It's a pity, then, that the whole point of the campaign seems to have been lost on Richard Stainer, DDB's account director on VW, despite him having seen it about 10,000 times and surely basked in its reflected glory on many occasions. You see, Stainer was making use of the VW team diesel pool car the other weekend and, yes, you can probably guess what happened next - he filled the tank with 40 litres of unleaded, thereby rendering the car inoperable.

As you can probably imagine, Stainer was not particularly popular with his colleagues.

Never mind "bollocks", more like what a dork.