Diary: Staying up-to-date with Twitter can be informing

With most of adland supping cocktails on sun-soaked beaches, Diary's inbox has been rather bare, so we thought we'd catch up with the Twitter grapevine.

Still managing to keep up the digital dialogue even while on holiday, Thinkbox's Tess Alps Tweets: "Recovering after mad day of bells, bands and processions but no flaming torches. Shame."

Is Alps holidaying at a pagan Morris dancing festival, Diary wonders?

As always, Rory Sutherland has been keeping the Twitterati informed of the secrets to family harmony: "One great thing about living in an otherwise female household: just put on any romcom, however crap, and you get two hours of peace."

Meanwhile, TBWA\London's executive planning director, Tom Morton, has been keeping himself busy with the gardening films suggestion thread (#gardeningfilms) with the following gems: Trowelling For Colombine, Bring Me The Shed Of Alfredo Garcia and Lawn On The Fourth Of July.