DIARY: Steamed Milk drunk in the back of a cab with ex-Party leader

There's never a cab when you want one - unless Superman comes along

in the shape of a plastered American director to save the day.

Chris Milk of @radical.media had been on the sauce one evening along

with his chums, Strawberry Frog's Scott Goodson and Christine McCormick,

and chivalrously said he'd see them back to the St Martin's Lane Hotel

before taking his cab on. But as the plastered pair stumbled out, who

should attempt to commandeer the taxi but -gasp - none other than the

ex-leader of the Opposition, Neil Kinnock.

Where others may have been fazed by such a sight, the cabbie was having

none of it. "I've already got a passenger," he hollered, and booted him

unceremoniously out. Milk, seeing double, was oblivious to his brush

with this political heavyweight until the cabbie remarked: "You know

that's Neil Kinnock."

Cue a blank look from Milk. "He's a high-ranking European official," the

cabbie said incredulously. Er, right.

"I'm almost certain that the cab driver said he was the ex-prime

minister," Milk says. Impressed by such stature, he acted fast. "F***

it, let's go get him," he shouted, and a comic chase ensued as the

cabbie floored it to find their man, who immediately jumped in. "He

seemed in quite a good mood," Milk says, diplomatically, of Kinnock, who

was apparently in a similarly steamed state.

The cab ride home entailed the kind of drunken banter that normally

strikes up between two lashed individuals. "There was lots of yelling

and laughing," Milk says, furrowing his brow as he tries to recall some

semblance of the evening's activities. And the Welsh politician,

polished from all those years of practice, was not averse to a bit of

gurning for the cameras too. Lovely.

Still, all good things come to an end. "We finally made it to his hotel,

but we were having a grand old time," Milk says wistfully. Maybe he'll

bump into Thatcher next time.