Diary: Steve's 70s suit is a real shamer for FCB's Blamer

Never let it be said that Steve Blamer lacks a sense of humour.

Certainly, Diary wouldn't. We're not even listening to the cruel people who say that taking global control of FCB means you have to be able to appreciate a good joke.

Oh dear, no. Blamer is no sobersides. This, after all, is the man who, in a previous role as the chief executive of Grey London, was once seen in an agency brochure wearing a Hawaiian shirt so loud it could burst eardrums.

And he has been quick to dispel any impression that may have been given in Campaign's recent profile of him that he's not much of a social animal and would rather not have to meet and greet. "He once said that if he could keep his tuxedo in the wardrobe for a whole year he'd be very happy," a former colleague was quoted as saying.

Hardly surprising, if this really is the tuxedo in question - a 70s relic of such a revolting style and colour that looks like it has been rescued from Robin Wight's dustbin. Anybody who was around at the time will know that the 70s was the era that style forgot. And here's the proof. Even the colour is enough to make you queasy.

"Got the tux out of the wardrobe," Blamer tells us. "You're probably right. It's time for a new one." Well, it's either that, Steve, or you have to consider a job swap with a children's entertainer.

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