Diary: Stripping off in the name of creativity

After a spate of industry weddings earlier this summer, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Campaign's Diary page had turned into OK! or Hello! magazine for a few weeks.

We can assure you that with these shots, we won't be turning into Nuts or Zoo anytime soon.

These (quite frankly disturbing) images have been created by the Marketing Communication Consultants Association, in an effort to raise awareness of its upcoming BEST Awards.

The models, who you sense may not be adorning GQ in the near future, are none other than Mike Spicer, the MCCA chairman and managing director of EHS Brann, Hugh Robertson, the managing director of RPM, and Cembre Knights, a director of The Pulse Group.

There seemed to be a bit of reluctance at first to persuade the guys and girl to get their kit off, but with a concept of "if you've got it, flaunt it", the models were finally convinced to bare all.

"While I have to admit it was a little daunting stripping off for the photoshoot, so too can push-ing yourself to be completely creatively uninhibited, and this is the message we are trying to convey," Robertson says.

The awards are open to all agencies, irrespective of whether they are MCCA members, and the deadline for entrants is the beginning of October.

But, be warned, all of the models who have stripped off were winners last year, so just think about that when you stride smugly up on to the stage to collect your gong.