DIARY: Stylish rent boys are the agency new boys

So who were those "smooth and sexy American transsexuals" last

week? Step forward Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby and Charles Inge.

From the agency's Baker Street offices, the team had noticed a flurry of

illicit activity around the public telephone boxes.

So imagine the three partners' surprise when they suddenly spotted their

faces splashed all over the box outside.

You might wonder about their rather unhealthy interest in calling cards

in phone boxes, and it seems this wasn't lost on their creative team,

Matt and Laurie, who decided it was time for a little joke. "After

walking past, we did a double-take and first were very shocked, but as

you can imagine, we ended up having the night of our lives!" Hornby

boasted merrily, if not entirely truthfully.

Campaign did its homework and found out that the person on the end of

the line was a legitimate American transsexual, who didn't take kindly

to all this interest.

Still, maybe they've hit on a novel way to attract business.