Diary: Sublime spam is far from music to Crabtree's ears

A particularly aromatic e-mail exchange pops into Diary's inbox from its Deep Throat-style mole at McCann Erickson. It seems Sublime Music's Nick Grant picked the wrong creative to spam when he sent this message to McCann's Matt Crabtree several times:

"Dear Matt. Q: what have all these got in common? Nip/Tuck, The OC, Sony PlayStation and The Ministry of Sound? A: They've all used Sublime Music."

Crabtree's response was swift. "Dear Nick, Q: why clutter prospective clients' mailboxes by sending multiple e-mails containing the same fucking message? A: Because you want them to become very, very irritated with your music company." Round one to Crabtree.

But what's this? Grant wasn't on the canvas for long and fired back a piquant response, during which he embarked on a 253-word rant detailing the fruits of his labours (classic cars and property, mostly) and branded Crabtree as "the type of person who'll never be self-employed because you don't have the mind to actually get off 'yo ass' and do something for yourself. I'm off to polish my Aston." Ouch.

Enter Frank Lieberman, the head of TV at McCann, who had been CCed on the exchange: "Nick, not only do I find your e-mail and attitude totally OUT OF ORDER, I suggest that you remove McCann Erickson permanently from your e-mail address book, as the likelihood of you EVER getting a commission from this agency is ZERO. With your attitude you'd be better off sticking to second-hand cars."

Points win to McCann.