Diary: Sugar daddy 'Rob' loves platonic spending spree

Even though the media is desperate for admen to be chauvinistic, cash-flashing hedonists like the Mad Men, adland has portrayed a fairly sedate image of late.

However, Diary feels compelled to issue a warning to adland's playboys: your penchant for splashing the cash on younger women is tickling the tabloids. A recent Sunday newspaper expose featured Louisa, a 21-year-old student funding her way through university by entertaining older men.

Among her sugar daddies featured a creative director "Rob", who is purported to have indulged Louisa in luxury shopping trips despite just being "platonic friends".

Citing gifts that include designer handbags, Louisa says: "Rob thinks nothing of spending £2,000 on me in 20 minutes."

So, beware the kiss and tell girls, or is that shop and tell?