DIARY: Surf helps Craik Jones staff clean up their act

"Dirty." "Grubby." "Soiled for life." Not accusations you'd expect to be levelled at Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel, the guys with the cleanest work in town.

As part of a new mailing for its client Surf, Craik Jones has created a spoof of celebrity gossip magazines, entitled Filth. The cover features the cream of the agency's A-list, stained and soiled. And if you take the mailing at face value, it exposes the Craik Jones folk as depraved miscreants.

The agency's founder David Watson's frolics with a young colleague earn him the label "smut". Jackie Stevenson, the deputy managing director, is damned as "grubby". And Caroline Parks, the board planner, is "dirty".

Maybe she's not telling us something.