Diary: Sutherland not joshing about getting curries in

Yes, we know that Diary and Rory Sutherland have been attracted to each other like a moth to a flame of late. But we couldn't resist letting you in on another example of the IPA president's new style.

Indeed, he's barely had time to warm the presidential seat before showing that he's ready to cast tradition aside.

One of the duties of the president is to host a series of dinners in the IPA penthouse for some of the advertising industry's most senior figures.

Traditionally, the cuisine for these occasions comes courtesy of an upmarket caterer. Now, the Ogilvy group deputy chairman has decided that he would like to spice up the proceedings in the most literal sense of the word.

Instead of the usual menu, Sutherland wants to send out for an Indian takeaway. IPA staff have been canvassing the invited guests to find out whether such a radical change would be to their taste.

This isn't likely to go down well with Hamish Pringle. The IPA director-general has always been fond of complementing the food with a selection of fine wines from the IPA's impressive cellar.

Looks like he might have to settle for a few Cobra beers.

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