Diary: Sutherland says it with flowers for the first time

It's hard to imagine that anyone can rise to the top in adland without having made prodigious use of the services of London's best florists.

Indeed, few businesses are reading the prognoses for advertising's recovery keener than those who peddle beautiful bouquets and tasteful floral arrangements.

Rory Sutherland, though, is a stranger to the art of wooing and soothing by flowers. The man has clearly ascended the career ladder on talent alone.

But nothing lasts forever, and Sutherland was last week finally moved to send a posy to the Campaign office. The tribute, before you get any other ideas, was a belated apology for failing to take his seat at the Campaign Big Awards, leaving a rather large space vacant on the top table.

So alien was this particular use of Sutherland's credit card, however, that alarm bells were immediately set ringing over at Amex. Clearly, Mr Sutherland's card had fallen into the wrong hands, they assumed, and immediately called to alert him of the "abnormal activity" on his account.