Diary: Another takeaway ad

We've all seen ads that can be accused of plagiarism, but Diary was amused to see that Ogilvy Johannesburg has taken things to a new level by seemingly creating an "ad mash-up" for its latest spot for KFC. The agency seems to have been briefed to give the brand a more "John Lewis feel", as it has produced a spot that bears an uncanny resemblance to not one but two of Adam & Eve's ads for the retailer. By following a woman's journey through life (but in reverse), there are definite echoes of "always a woman" - which itself has faced accusations of plagiarism in the past. But the soundtrack is Ellie Goulding's version of Elton John's Your Song, which was recorded specifically for John Lewis' follow-up Christmas campaign. We were almost shocked when the KFC strapline that appeared at the end of the ad hadn't been changed to: "Never knowingly underfed."