DIARY: TBWA makes a splash in diving world as FINA starts loving the bomb

It's not every day that an agency can claim to have created a new sport, but TBWA/London can don a nice shellsuit, step on to the podium, accept a drooping bouquet and cry at the national anthem to take full credit for introducing bombing to the competitive diving fraternity.

The fecund creative minds who brought local lido bombing - the scourge of our youth - to the attention of the nation by squeezing the comedian Peter Kaye's sizeable form into a pair of swimming shorts and asking him to run off a high board for John Smith's, are the ones responsible for creating a storm among divers.

The honchos at the Federation Internationale de Natation, the diving world's ruling body, have decided to allow bombing in competitions to encourage more people to take up diving. This has irritated the lycra-clad lovelies more than the presence of a wet-towel flicker in the changing rooms. They say it will turn their beloved sport into a joke, even though the aim will be to create "minimal splash", instead of the tsunami effect caused by Kaye's arse hitting the water in the ad campaign.

TBWA says it checked out the opportunities to sponsor diving's top event, the European Masters Championship, when it was doing the research for the campaign. Clients looking forward to 2003 agency jollies should beware - and pack a jaunty showercap - as Wimbledon could be off this year in favour of a front-row soaking at one of the UK's most glamorous swimming pools.