Diary: Tchaikovsky once again proves ahead of his time

Diary raises its glass to Tchaikovsky. No not that Tchaikovsky, but the team that orchestrated a fine win in the latest annual Nabs Fast Forward contest.

Devised by Campaign's "agony uncle", Jeremy Bullmore, in 2000, the programme draws together young agency staffers from a range of disciplines to tackle a brief.

This year's assignment clearly struck a chord with the eager beavers - how to make Smirnoff, the Diageo vodka brand, attractive to young beer-swilling blokes.

And there were some pretty neat suggestions presented during the ten-minute pitches. Diary particularly liked one team's idea of promoting Smirnoff's "purity" by taking over the entire FA Cup final half-time commercial break - and not showing any ads, just more footy action.

We were also rather taken with the notion of "see-through" posters. However, Chris Lock, Smirnoff's marketing manager, quickly brought us back to earth.

A nice idea in theory, Lock said. Indeed, his agency, JWT, had suggested it previously. The trouble is that you never know what crappy picture of urban decay might be "on display" instead. Good point.

Meanwhile, Tchaikovsky can look forward to enjoying their prize - tickets to a gig at Manchester Academy, with Diageo picking up the travel and hotel bill.

Na zdorovje, as the great composer might have said.