DIARY: Teasdale offers AMV's staff Christmas bonus in exchange for O2 aid

Here at Campaign we always welcome sophisticated memos from our

readers. Therefore, it was with great pleasure that we received numerous

copies of the following e-mail written by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's

head of planning and currently doing the rounds at all the big


From: Mike Teasdale

Sent: Friday, 2 November, 2001 2:39 AM

To: AMV (Business)

Subject: Win £500 cash

Do you fancy earning some extra cash for Xmas?

I will give £500 to anybody who generates a brand positioning for

O2 that we sell to the client.

No tricks, just straight cash. I claim the credit, you get the cash,

Michael signs it off, Hoppo gets blamed. Are you up for it? If so, read

on ...

BT is soon to demerge into its mobile interests. From mid-November there

will be a new brand called O2 which replaces all the existing brands

owned by BT Plc (such as BT Cellnet and Genie plus its brands in Ireland

and Germany and Holland).

We need to give O2 a brand positioning that marks it out and sets them

on the path to success. I have committed to showing O2 ten different

brand positionings on Tuesday afternoon.

Each positioning will be written as follows: a consumer insight followed

by the resulting O2 positioning, all in no more than two paragraphs.

Here is an example:

Consumer insight: mobiles are a paradox, they free up my world but those

lack of boundaries mean I am never free from them. Resulting O2 brand

positioning: O2 will enable me to create and protect my own space.

Don't worry about how we support the positioning.

Do ensure the positioning is not UK applicable only.

Do go lateral.

This is one competition you can enter as many times as you wish. Please

get your thinking caps on. Just think how useful £500 would be for

Xmas ...

Cheers, Mike

PS: This offer does not apply to the O2 account team! You have to do

this out of duty and pity.

Er, quite.