Diary: Technological blast from the past tickles GQ's Jones

GQ is a well-known exponent of the latest hi-tech gadgetry, so Diary was shocked to learn of the editor's admiration for a prehistoric - and frankly rubbish - Sanyo cassette recorder/dictaphone belonging to one of the hacks at Campaign.

Dylan Jones was so enamoured with the device's dazzling ability to make a noise when it stopped recording, he promptly scribbled down the make of the machine.

He reckoned the archaic device would be perfect for his interviews for the David Cameron biography that he's writing.

Unfortunately, the poor minion at Vogue House he gave the task of acquiring the antique to had some trouble finding it, so was forced to phone Campaign for the details.

GQ has only just shaken off the "lads' mag" moniker. Unfortunately, after this revelation, it could end up being saddled with the more apt title of "lud's mag".