Diary: Ten-year-old gives Pearl & Dean a creative lesson

It would seem that creative talent is getting younger every year.

When ten-year-old Kiran Ayub from Accrington went to see The Simpsons Movie last month, he was a bit disappointed by the ads that preceded the film.

It wasn't what he saw that upset him, but rather what he didn't see. Kiran was surprised there were no ads made by children for children.

To put things right, the Lancashire schoolboy wrote to Pearl & Dean to suggest they encourage young film-makers.

To show what could be done, he employed the services of his brother and sister to make a child-safety film and sent that along too.

The short animated film, Jane Gets Lost encourages children to tell their parents where they are going by featuring the tale of Jane the cat, who foolishly wanders off into the jungle on her own.

The letter so inspired the powers- that-be at Pearl & Dean that they will be putting the film on the kids' section of the company's website to inspire others to send in their own ideas.

After already batting away a host of job offers, it is believed Kiran is now in talks with a number of headhunters to fully maximise the profitability of his precocious talent.