DIARY: Tequila madness hits party people at Fallon as Flintham fuels love

Campaign can reveal that the hatchet has been buried once and for

all between Lowe Lintas' chief executive, Chris Thomas, and the former

Lowe planning director, Alison Hoad.

Reports that Lowe cracked open the bubbly when the CCD Testa deal, for

which Hoad quit Lowe, fell through can now be forgotten.

Campaign's unofficial snapper was at Fallon's anniversary party last

week when Hoad and Thomas were caught snogging in front of Fallon's 500

closest friends (see picture, top left). John Lowery, Lowe's deputy

chairman, was less friendly, however.

It was the party of the year - held on four floors at Fallon's Beak

Street office. Guests were in abundance, which made climbing the stairs

pretty hairy.

The main entertainment of the evening was a bicycle tequila dispenser

invented by Richard Flintham, the creative director of Fallon. The

contraption took him months to develop - and even longer to recover


Quite a few tequilas were sunk (the record was five in one sitting) and

the party got a little amorous. Ringan Ledwidge (top right) was among

those puckering up, but Charles Inge, a founder of Clemmow Hornby Inge,

stiffened only his upper lip, preferring a chaste handshake to a smooch.