Diary: There's far more to food than staying in shape

You know the score: a client briefs you to produce a new campaign for its latest version of an existing product.

They claim it's revolutionary, but you know they've just added a bit of blue to their washing tablet or the words "oven-cooked" to their crisps. Nevertheless, you have to sell it.

Well, Ogilvy Toronto has decided to poke a bit of fun at these spurious product developments and the focus groups supporting them on a new site: diamondshreddies.ca.

The spoof product site, for "Diamond Shreddies", features video clips of focus groups made up of supposedly savvy members of the public, convinced that the new product - you guessed it, regular Shreddies rotated 90 degrees - is a tastier experience.

The gullible participants also willingly rate them according to the colours of the rainbow, and answer questions as ridiculous as: "If Diamond Shreddies were an animal, where would you rank them, from an amoeba up to an elephant?" To which one woman replies: "A kangaroo."

The site also features recipes, which carry the helpful hint: "If Diamond Shreddies cereal is not available, you can substitute with square Shreddies cereal."