Diary: There's no place like The Red Brick Road's homepage

Having spent more than 15 months saying it was "just laying the last few bricks", The Red Brick Road's homepage was known as the Sistine Chapel of agency websites.

It has been a source of endless jibes, with punters from media companies, brand consultancies and agencies all taking a pop at the shop's seeming lack of digital prowess. But now TRBR has responded with the virtual equivalent of a two-fingered salute.

Its new site is split into two parts: The Red Brick Road (which leads to its work, contact details etc) and The Yellow Brick Road. Choose wisely, Dorothy, for The Yellow Brick Road takes you down a false path. Its philosophy? "A dedication to take the complication out of communication solution deliberations." The tongue-in-cheek staff line-up, which may be reminiscent of colleagues past or present, includes Richard Diner, who has worked at all the world's leading network agencies and has risen to the position of executive vice- president of global international client business development and integration, and a creative director who, after winning every major award, changed his name to a phallic symbol, and can be seen supporting West Ham at weekends.

While Diary applauds the irony, it wonders how many clients will actually choose Yellow over Red. TYBR's "Brand Consumation" process, for example, invites customers to "write and approve all our briefs and create all of our work too". Sounds like TYBR could find itself saddled with Procter & Gamble's global account any time now.