Diary: There's no such thing as being too close at AIS

Now we all know that if you're going to go and set up an agency with a group of people, then it helps if you have a good relationship with them.

You might even argue that a good relationship between the partners has been one of the main reasons why Archibald Ingall Stretton has enjoyed such a successful first ten years.

But is the relationship between the "A" and the "S" in AIS becoming a little too close?

At a party to celebrate the agency's tenth birthday, Stuart Archibald and Steve Stretton were spotted on the Little Italy dance floor, spending the entire evening snuggling up close together and swaying gently to the music.

And where was Jon Ingall in all this? Lying on a beach in Corsica, oblivious to the affection that his partners were showing each other ...