Diary: Thick but oh so tasty

The reality TV star Joey Essex was shredded like one of the Avengers in his shirtless performance in the recent Cup A Soup ad.

Diary: Thick but oh so tasty

According to Diary’s spies, Essex worked out frenetically and went teetotal from November in order to live up to the "incredibly tasty" portion of the strapline. There was no word on the preparation he did to embody the "phenomenally thick" part of the line.

Brexit’s work is done

Brian Watson, an adman with more than 50 years of experience, has posted a bunch of posters backing Brexit (pictured above) on social media in the hope that one of the "out" campaigners picks them up. Watson has a Guinness world record for the number of ads he has written and directed (more than 2,000) and boasts that he can take a spot from brief to airing on TV in a matter of hours. While speed is clearly a strength of Watson’s, understatement is not. The slogan on his Brexit posters is "Vote leave and let’s live", giving Diary the distinct impression that the only other option is "Vote stay and die". Still, the best political ads never were subtle.

Solidarity is overrated

Saatchi & Saatchi New York last week Tweeted its support for Erin Johnson, the comms chief suing J Walter Thompson’s former global chief executive Gustavo Martinez, but deleted the message hours later. Who or what could have prompted this? The two agencies belong to competing holding companies so it’s unlikely to have been a dressing-down from a network head. In fact, to Diary’s mind, the only thing the two shops share is a certain financial services client…

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Social photos of the week, 25 March 2016

Here’s iProspect’s Craig Butler meeting the Queen as a result of his work for the Prince’s Trust. In what appears to be a deliberate snub to Her Majesty, the agency has refused to change its name to oneProspect.

The CHI & Partners creatives Micky Tudor and Dan Watts performed stand-up at Islington’s Wenlock & Essex last week. If you see them in the street, demand they say something funny to you. They’ll love that.

What do you get the agency that’s just won a £1.1 billion outdoor sales contract? A lovely cake, according to Rapport, which sent this baked goody to Exterion Media this week.

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