Diary: Thinkbox needs to think again about office move

Diary applauds the news that Thinkbox is in the process of expanding its workforce and as such has outgrown its Wigmore Street address. It does, however, feel slightly apprehensive about its choice of new location, Centre Point, which, according to London historians, is cursed.

Various owners over the years have had problems finding tenants and it was once the subject of a heated national debate. In the 70s, as the building stood empty, the prime minister Harold Wilson said he would nationalise it.

But the site's infamy began long before Centre Point was built. In 1818 a vat in a nearby brewery exploded, drowning eight in the resulting flood of beer. Although, to today's thirsty media men, there could be worse ways to go.

There was also once a gallows on the site and a penal cage, inspiring William Hogarth to etch his famous engraving, Gin Lane.

Let's hope this temporary address is just that and Thinkbox relocates before it's too late.