Diary: Thoburn bashes Beattie in Appalling Lefties book

Richard Thoburn's politics may be best described as rabid right, but at least he doesn't vacillate. "Lefties are patronising," he says.

"Their guiding principles are: if it moves, tax it, if it still moves, regulate it, and if it stops moving, nationalise it."

When Thoburn isn't running his corporate communications agency, he likes to bait Guardian readers, which is why Alan Rusbridger, its editor-in-chief, makes the pages of Thoburn's latest tome, The 60 Most Appalling Lefties. Joining him are the likes of Greg Dyke, the BBC's former director-general, and Hugh "Chariots of Fire" Hudson, the director of Neil Kinnock's infamous election broadcast.

But, of course, no list would be complete without the one-man PR machine and acclaimed "advertising guru", Trevor Beattie. "It seems old-fashioned to talk about class and socialism, but I like the words," the hairy one once said. "He can afford to," Thoburn observes, tartly.

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