DIARY: In times of depression we turn to Vizeum.com

If you want a sobering reminder of how pretentious this industry can be, or if you just want a laugh, log on to Vizeum.com. Although spreading cheer throughout adland is probably not what the new Aegis network had in mind when it uploaded its groovy website, it certainly brought a smile to our faces.

Perhaps inspired by David Lynch's Nissan spot that gave us words such as "spafe", the site informs us that Vizeum is expert in "connectology".

Yes, that's right, "connectology".

For those of you who are quite rightly wondering what the feck this means, the site helpfully also includes a short film, by way of, erm ... explanation.

It shows two young lovers against a moody cityscape, locked in a tender embrace. Behind them handwritten words such as "internet", "e-mail", "SMS" and "trolleys" appear poignantly in the cloudy sky.

Further inspection of the site also reveals the fact that far from being the staff of a second-string network, the Vizeum guys are actually "magicians of memory", "chemists of conversation" and "smile synthesizers". May we also suggest "wizards of wank"?