DIARY: Times kicks off tabloid with the wrong Saatchi

In keeping with recent trends, The Times followed its broadsheet rival The Independent and brought out a tabloid version last Wednesday.

But it seems it has embraced the notion of downscaling rather too whole heartedly. For not only did it swap to the smaller size, but its thoroughness and quality of content appears to have also changed to match tabloid standards.

The paper dedicated page three to a report on the feud between that collector of modern art Charles Saatchi and Damien Hirst.

Straightforward, you might think, but for one small detail. Rather than picturing Charles, a rather large photo of his brother, Maurice, ran by mistake.

In tabloid size, the case of mistaken identity was only magnified with the wrong picture taking up roughly a third of a page. It would have been better off running with Hirst's rotting cow's head.