Diary: 'Tired and emotional' Tollett wins a free trip

It has been a bit of a bumper month in terms of awards ceremonies. Not only have we had the prestigious Campaign Posters shindig, but, last week, we were treated to the Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Industry Group Travel Advertising Awards as well. But if the former was Lowe and DDB London's night, the latter definitely belonged to Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy's creative Ben Tollett. For a start, MCBD's Travelocity campaign, featuring the nation's favourite blazer-wearing Channel-Islander, Alan Whicker, cleaned up. The work, which Tollett co-created with Emer Stamp, won four golds and the Grand Prix, beating British Airways in the process.

As if Tollett didn't have enough to smile about, his name was then pulled out of the raffle hat, winning him two return Club Class tickets to New York, courtesy of ... you've guessed it, BA.

Needless to say, young Tollett was by now in quite an excitable mood.

But wasn't it Wittgenstein who once observed that "raffle winning and free Champagne come before a fall"?

Tollett would have done well to heed these words. As he strode proudly up to the podium to collect his final award, he misjudged his step and tumbled off the back of the stage.