DIARY: Tony Kaye rocks the Clio Awards with his teddy-torturing tune

They say what seems like crazy on an ordinary day seems like good

sense in the moonlight, which is the only excuse we can find for Tony

Kaye's soul-searching honesty in his recent Clio Awards Lifetime

Achievement acceptance speech.

For those who missed the emotional display, the maverick director told

the audience of his "journey" over the past year before declaring he'd

turned over a new leaf.

But, thankfully, that proved to be a flash in the pan when he took to

the stage again to introduce the audience to his latest venture, the

rock band K.

Despite promising that outlandish behaviour was a thing of the past for

him, he then served up music (and we use the term music loosely) with

predictably unconventional lyrics along the lines of "Teddy bear, teddy

bear, tie him to an electric chair". Just your average crowd-pleaser,


And if that wasn't enough, the two nutters that accompanied Kaye on

guitars were obviously listening to different music as they gyrated and

gurned through the entire show in a quite worrying manner. Please stop.