DIARY: Tony Roberts, TBWA's chauffeur, is good at driving cars or sales

You never know where a good adman will turn up, but few would have

expected that one of the industry's best kept secrets can be found

behind the wheel of a company car.

Yes, the TBWA/London chauffeur, Tony Roberts, may be trained at The

Rolls Royce School of Driving and be the gatekeeper of the agency's

off-road Nissan - complete with mod cons including a mini bar and DVDs

in the back of the seats - but he's also the secret eyes and ears of the


So watch what you say, as his great knowledge of adland doesn't just

come from inside the pages of Campaign.

And the multi-talented man has also picked up a few creative skills over

the years as well. Talented Tone has exhibited an array of creative

skills to rival his earwigging prowess, which included designing an ad

for the agency's client News International, which cheekily read "Sven

Goran Erick The Sun", which proudly hung on a flag from the Nissan. In

these lean times, it looks like multi-tasking is the way forward.

In fact, so good is this man's advertising insight that we hear that

Carl Johnson, the president of TBWA in New York, tried to poach him. And

Paul Simons, now the chairman and chief executive of Ogilvy & Mather UK,

is also said to have been so impressed with Tony that he tried to lure

him to Canary Wharf. Which would not be out of character; hasn't Simons

already lured Lar-issa Joy, Jeff Quilter, Paul Belford and Nigel Roberts

from the agency?