Diary: Tracey Emin sticks 'it' to her new neighbour W&K

Neverending are the tales resulting from Wieden & Kennedy's move to the east. While the agency staff have finally accepted their new surroundings (we reported only last week that one creative got so excited he had W&K tattooed on his leg), it seems that the locals still require convincing.

One such local is the artist Tracey Emin, and she is not happy. In fact, she was feeling so un-neighbourly, she actually accosted W&K employees as they were enjoying a drink in the local pub.

Emin verbally attacked Sarah Gough, the agency's business affairs manager, for invading the area with the agency and for thinking they were so "it". Ooh!

And this comes from a woman who has made her name with an unmade bed and a tent - things which can surely only tenuously be called art. Give us "grrr" any day.