Diary: Take the train to Tring to find the home of media

Aldbury in Hertfordshire is a small village renowned for its duck pond, quaint local pubs and proximity to the well-known fighting town of Berkhamsted.

However, following the appointment of long-time Aldbury resident Tess Alps as the chief executive of the TV marketing body Thinkbox, the sleepy little town has become the media epicentre of the UK. Just down the street from Alps lives Robert Ray, the marketing director of the regional papers' Newspaper Society, meaning the heads of two of the biggest media industries now live in this two-horse outpost. Together, these two media players mastermind some 51 per cent of the UK's advertising market.

Ray claims that Aldbury's stranglehold on UK media could have been even tighter but for a slight quirk of fate. Nigel Bromley, the Newspaper Marketing Agency's marketing guru, lives in nearby Tring. Conceivably, Alps, Bromley and Ray could all take the same commuter train to London. Imagine the chaos in UK advertising if it crashed.

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