DIARY: Travis faces a rumble on the English Riviera

Ah, the delights of the West Country: cream teas; quaint cobbled streets; Brixham trawlers chugging home on the evening tide. Just perfect.

And woe betide any flash London adman who buggers about with such timeless images.

Well, Peter Travis did - and almost ended up on a tumbril ride through the streets of Torquay for his cheek. Travis, cdp-travissully's chief executive, is the man who, in 1982, persuaded a group of hoteliers around Torquay, Paignton and Brixham to christen the resort the English Riviera, inspiring the longest-running travel campaign in UK advertising.

But the latest execution, featuring Australia's Ayers Rock, has provoked a bit of a native uprising.

Most of the rabble-rousing was done by the owner of a Brixham art gallery, who claimed the ad was doing more for tourism Down Under than for Brixham.

Travis went into full firefighting mode, assuring every passing journalist that the English Riviera campaign had consistently outperformed its miniscule budget.