DIARY: Trev fcuks off Abbott's antipodean fan club

Trevor Beattie knows how to bear a grudge. Just over a year ago, David Abbott wrote to Campaign to criticise our decision to make French Connection Advertiser of the Year for 1999. 'That's the way to sell a youth brand, though haven't I seen it fcuking before on the lav walls?' he said of the controversial campaign.

Well it seems that Beattie, author of the fcuk advertising, has not got over the slight. According to one source at a pre-Cannes poster awards ceremony in Sydney earlier this month, Beattie hit out at Abbott, boring the pants off the audience with a lengthy diatribe.

Trouble is that slagging off a popular hero such as Abbott will never score you any points, on any continent. Abbott has just been inducted into the Creative Hall of Fame in America - only the second Brit to receive the honour since it was established in 1961.