DIARY: Turkey of the week - WARL/Gossard G-Strings

Caroline Marshall doesn't like the new campaign for Gossard G-Strings by WARL Change Behaviour. The TV ad focuses on a woman getting ready to go out and putting things into a handbag as she says "If I had my way". As she walks out she says "Gossard do things my way". The ads carry a message to text a number to Gossard's website to receive a £1 money-off voucher: "Well, these guys may know a thing or two about naming an agency, but they know precious little about G-String advertising. There I was, labouring under the misapprehension that what women really want is love, happiness, fulfilment and security, when it turns out that what really rocks our world is 88p off a G-String (text costing 12p)."