Diary: twitterati - A week in the life of ... Aleksandr Orlov

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Hi @bubblegumtef your friends must have small brain. I am just as real as the David Hasselhoff, the Kate Winslet or the Santa Klaws.

9.22am, 15 March

Yes @Lucywicker Right now I am really fancy grilled gekko sandwich with extra millipede mustard. Where is Sergei when you need him?

7.14am, 15 March

Sergei is still in basement building my own official 'eyephone' voice box 'application'. Coming soons!

5.48am, 15 March

@NickMickScott No, Sergei is not fan of the Tweet. For some reason he not want people to know what colour socks he is wearing.

2.39am, 15 March.