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Off to Singapore this morning. Need to get to a meeting at 10am tomorrow at the JWT office. The time zone stuff is already doing my head in.

8.36am, 11 January

Home, unpacked, donning Arsenal colours.

11.34am, 9 January

Landed back in London. Make-up and BA socks removed. Now, is the game still on?

9.04am, 9 January

Do I change my BA socks from this morning's flight (that I'm still wearing) for new BA socks for this flight? #sockcrisis

12.39am, 9 January

Upgraded! Oh yes! Get in! Who's the Daddy? Whoop, whoop! I'm the man! C'mon! Everyone in First say, 'ye-eah ... wo-ah ... ye-ah ...'

12.35am, 9 January.