Diary: twitterati - A week in the life of ... Johnny Hornby

Tweeting on behalf of @Campaignmag in Davos

Toboggan race top to bottom of Davos - Witherow beats Harding; Harding beats Brooks; Hornby beats them all; Patience Wheatcroft observes.

12.37am, 31 January

Very funny night - Lord Mandelson and Douglas Alexander having a fondue with Will Lewis, James Harding, John Witherow and all our wives.

12.56am, 30 January

Getting my political allegiances back in line and taking Peter Mandelson to the WPP drinks and then out for dinner with Douglas Alexander.

3.09pm, 29 January

William Hague just sat down next to me at the UK business leaders lunch - nbf - don't tell Peter!

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